The Imperatrix Trilogy: An Introduction


Welcome to my online page dedicated to The Imperatrix Trilogy, my forthcoming novel, as well as the Companion Guide to Imperatrix and various articles on the “back history” of the Roan and Aquaen Empires. The novel and companion guide are both currently being reviewed by a publisher. My intention is to post in chronological order; that is, to begin in the beginning and end in the end, moving from ancient history to modernity. As such, I will first be posting history about the founding of Roanum, the monarchy period, then the republic period, and finally the period of the Roan Imperium or Empire. I will then share the Companion Guide, which lists all Roan and Aquaen emperors and their dynasties from the foundation of the Roan Empire up to present day. I will then share select installments of Imperatrix itself. You may find all posts by clicking on the above link “Home”.

I’ve always loved history, especially that of ancient civilizations such as Classical Greece and Rome, and the periods of the Italian Renaissance, medieval and early modern Russia, the English War of the Roses, English Tudor and Scottish Stuart periods, and the French Enlightenment. Beginning in fifth grade when my class started studying the ancient Mesoamericans, I started writing stories, drawing maps, sketching cities and buildings about different “alternate civilizations” vaguely inspired by the real civilizations I studied. In fifth grade, I wrote about a fictitious native American civilization, the Joutetlans, that escaped conquest by the Spanish conquistadors. In sixth grade we began learning about the River Valley civilizations of Sumer, Harappa, Egypt, etc, and then Classical Greece, Rome, and Byzantium. My interest in all these civilizations manifested itself in essays in which I included way too much outside information, homework for Social Studies that I loved doing, and, generally, being a history nerd.

Now, years later, I seek to share the writings, drawings, and sketches I made of an alternate civilization inspired by the Roman, Byzantine , Russian, and British Empires. I started writing Imperatrix when I was 15, based on what was then my craze, the English Tudors, and, specifically, Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. Between then and now, I developed a whole novel and related drawings and writings around a fictional civilization, the Aquaen Empire. It incorporates elements of the Classical Greek and Roman as well as Orthodox Byzantine culture. Politically, the Empire is a unique combination of an imperial monarchy like in late Rome or Russia with underlying elements of aristocratic rule and a few aspects of a democratic republic like in America today.

The novel, Imperatrix, is about the epic life of a woman who never existed, Maria Regina Gregoria (1486-1569), one of the Empresses of the fictional Byzantium-based empire called “Aquaenum”. Maria Regina is very much her own character, but in terms of character influences, she is essentially inspired by the most influential women who ever lived in Western history: Cleopatra, Zenobia, Tamar the Great, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, and Catherine the Great.

Happy reading!

-Ryan Hunter

Long Island, New York. Summer 2015


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